The Art Basel 'Life is Rich' Capsule

The Art

At Art Basel Miami 2023, ViCES ventured beyond traditional boundaries, blending body art with photography in a captivating live showcase. Partnering with talented artists from Toronto, we transformed human bodies into living canvases, each piece a narrative painted with vibrant hues. The art, fleeting in its nature, was captured through detailed photography, preserving the fluid expressions of each canvas.


The Artists

For this artistic venture, we brought in Mattias, known as Thehalfdecent. A revered tattoo artist, Mattias is celebrated for his striking tattoos, vibrant contemporary paintings, and global street murals. His exceptional talent transformed the human bodies into captivating, living canvases. Each stroke and color choice by Mattias not only showcases his artistic skill but also engages with the body's own contours, enhancing the visual narrative shared at the event.


The Photographer

Capturing every nuanced moment alongside Mattias was Mitch from Mitchservice. Renowned for his ability to seize depth and motion, Mitch’s photography at the event played a crucial role in immortalizing the transient art forms created during the live sessions. His photographs provide a window into the ephemeral art world, showcasing the dynamic interplay between light, color, and emotion, ensuring that each painted expression and subtle interaction was preserved in time.

The Tees

Emerging from this unique art event are three exclusive shirts, each limited to twenty pieces, portraying the diverse narratives and energies of the models involved. These shirts do more than clothe; they narrate, carrying distinct stories framed by the event’s creative pulse. Finished with the phrase "Life is Rich," they encapsulate the ethos of ViCES, serving as a reminder that richness comes from fully embracing the spectrum of life’s experiences.