ViCES is a luxury athleisure & lifestyle brand based in Toronto and Miami. Our focus has been about style and quality, combined with the attitude of contemporary streetwear with the elevated feel of luxury fashion. 
Founded in the heart of Toronto in 2022, ViCES is a reflection of the city's raw energy and dynamic spirit. It's where we embrace the notion that everyone has a vice, and we channel that truth into fashion that tells a story. 

Our brand is built on the foundation that our vices, those threads of our character often kept in the shadows, are powerful expressions of our individuality.  Our vices make us who we are, and through our vices we experience the world around us....

Our mission is to bring you fits that transition seamlessly from day to night, from the grind to the getaway. Because at ViCES, it's not just about what you wear – it's about the story you tell and the life you lead. Welcome to a world where every garment is an invitation to embrace your vices.